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The Rydal and The Morraine

About Thomsen Built

Our passion is creating homes "like no other". We celebrate being able to dance, and in our case build, to our own tune and we encourage our clients to do the same. We are always on the lookout for new ways to be creative and inspired.  We love how our clients put their unique prints all over our houses when turning them into their homes.

Besides helping our clients create beautiful homes, we also help them create their ideal lifestyle. That's why we came up with our Liberty Program. House poor ? Not with this program. We build gorgeous income properties and then teach our clients how to be successful landlords! Yep, they live in a brand new beautiful home and someone else helps pay their mortgage. Who says you can't have a new home and freedom at the same time?

At Thomsen Built we're proud of our homes, our unique programs, and mostly of our referrals.  Our clients  recognize how our quality is "like no other" and appreciate our outstanding service. Now that's success!




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