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The story of how Qualico came to be is the kind that never fails to inspire admiration. It is a story of a strong work ethic, a passion for knowledge, a willingness to take risks and an uncanny ability to understand what the market is seeking. It is a story of opportunities seized - not just once, but again and again over half a century.

Both David and Katherine Friesen emigrated to Canada from Russia with their families as children.

The couple met in Winnipeg and were married in 1943. In 1950, together, they took a leap of faith. They built a small number of homes in Winnipeg’s River Heights district and one year later, they founded Quality Construction Co. Ltd. with David as President and General Manager, and built 13 homes, Katherine took responsibility for selling the homes Quality built, as President of Rancho Realty.

And from there, they never looked back.


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