January 2011

Would you buy a new or a used home? This is a question I've been asking myself lately. One the one hand, I like how used homes are located in established neighbourhood. However, I also like how new homes today are using technologies that saves you energy, money and are environmentally conscious.

I'm such a sucker for technology. It just makes life so easy!

Homes by Avi is jumping on the App wagon with Avimobile.com, which gives you instant access to any Homes by Avi home feature anytime, anywhere. However, unlike an App, you don't have to download this on your phone, just type wwwavimobile.com into your browser and start house hunting.

How important is location for you when buying a home? Would you comprimise for a smaller home if it meant you could walk to get your daily groceries or would you be willing to spend a little extra time behind the wheel if it meant you had a big backyard?

Check this out: it's called the "Homing Device" app. It's an app that helps you find the perfect home in either Edmonton or Calgary. You can browse different showhomes from different home builders, you can view photos, locate show homes on a map and lots more.

Never again will I get lost trying to find a show home...which happens a little too often.

Check out this article. Kensington Master Builders builds some of Edmonton's most breathtaking homes, and now they're showcasing their incredible green show home with audio tours! Languages include English, Hindi, and eventually they're going to add French and Mandarin translations too. What a great idea!

Welcome to Showhome Parade!

I’m so excited for our first episode of Showhome Parade! Starting Sunday, January 23, I'll be taking you through some of the most incredible showhomes in the Edmonton area and we’ll keep you up to date on what’s happening, what's fresh and what's new in the homebuyer’s world.